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SENIORS OPEN AM-AM on Fri 11th Sep 2020

Norwood Park Golf Club

Men play from Yellow Tees
Ladies play from Red Tees


Seniors Am-Am - open to members of affiliated golf clubs aged 55 and over on the day of the event.

Any combination teams (i.e. men, ladies, mixed). A men’s team is defined as 4 men or 3 men and 1 lady; a ladies’ team is defined as 4 ladies; and a mixed team is defined as 2 men and 2 ladies or 3 ladies and 1 man. Separate prizes for each combination will be awarded and will be based on the number of entries in each category. In the event that there is only 1 team of a certain category playing, this team may then be put into another category. For example, if there was only 1 ladies’ team playing, this team may be put into the mixed category. In such an instance, the competition organisers will endeavour to inform the team involved prior to the day of the competition.

Entrance fee- £ 26.00 PER VISITOR, £21 PER MEMBER INCL FOOD

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