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OK we know this helps us, but it also helps you, If the club you have arrived at this page from is your club please consider dropping them a line or telling them next time you are in the clubhouse. By letting your club know you were looking for competitions on they may choose to contact us and we can get the competitions listed.

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We like to give you the opportunity to find competitions where you want to play and of course do not expect you to call them and tell them about us. Consider instead dropping us an email and let us know which club your looking for competitions at. It only takes a moment and we can then let them know. We will not share any personal information.

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We really are here to help you as golfers, please consider telling clubs about us, we are not a large business we are born out of a passion to play more golf and help others to do so too. We appreciate your help in growing the site and ultimately benefit our golfing community.

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